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Our branding and marketing will capture the essence of your business.

We are a creative branding and marketing consulting company based in Melbourne, Australia. We work with companies of all sizes as well as start up businesses helping them grow and thrive through effective brand design, online communications and marketing advice. Our branding services range from logo design and corporate identity to website design, marketing, packaging, advertising and pretty much everything in between. We will take care of all your marketing and design needs and make sure you look good in all.

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Help you succeed

We team up with you, listen to your ideas and plans and advise you on what we can do to make your business grow. We come up with marketing strategies and execute them through developing amazing branding and marketing material. We work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure long term success.

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We made it simple

Check out our monthly plans. Its simple. Pay for the features you require and make additions along the way as the business grows stronger. It is flexible. Pay monthly with ease.

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Starting from $75 a Month

Including Design, Development, Hosting and more!

Our website plans give you a simple solution for your website needs. Rather than go through complex proposals and long discussions we have made it clear and simple. You have the general features for each package and then have optional features that you can add on now or at a later date.

Who is it for Ideal for

  • Small and medium business
  • Individuals, partnerships, not for profits
  • Business opportunists
  • Where Quality and professionalism matter

The benefits Benefits

  • No hidden charges – includes hosting, email and customized design
  • Edit information on your website when you want
  • Add more features as you grow with ease
  • Pay monthly and only for the features you need

Why us Why us?

  • We are fast and effective
  • We strive to achieve high quality and customer satisfaction
  • We are affordable
  • We have the skills and knowledge to get your company noticed online

custom desgined websites to suit any budget

Starting from just $75 a month

website package features in detail, all plans include design and development, add your own pages, add features later, 3 website plans to suit any budget, only a 12 month contract, track site and visitor performance, user friendly manual to update the site on your own, relaiable and fast web hosting

Creative Graphic Design

Our design team has creativity in their veins. They will develop designs that will make you proud to share your brochure, company profile or your business card. When designing an advertisement or your letterhead or any marketing material we keep our focus on your customers and potential customers.

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We listen to you

We take pride in listening to your ideas and try to incorporate them into the design process. After all, nobody knows your product or service better than you. Once we get your ideas, we focus on your customers and then the design team will create their magic.

Keep costs in mind

While developing the material we try to keep your ongoing cost low. We would design the logo in 2 or 3 colours to keep your print cost low when it comes to printing letterheads, cards and other bulk print material. We also provide cost effective print services to ensure the quality is as good on paper and it is on the screen.

We give you the artwork

Unlike other agencies, we give you all the final material we develop so you could at a later date get them re-printed or edited and used as and when needed. We provide all this as downloads or by email.

Plans Start From $399

Developing a professional company brand is critical in a competitive market. Infinite Media will ensure that you stand out from the rest, clearly identifiable and look great in any media.

We pay attention We pay attention


We learn as much about your business, its history, current status, its customers, its future and direction. We then incorporate these when designing your new or revamped business identity. We want your business to appeal to your potential customers and keep your existing customers comfortable as well.

Long lasting appeal Long lasting appeal

When developing a business identity we make sure the designs will be timeless and not restrictive. We want your business identity to last for a long time and be flexible as you expand the business.

style guides Style guides

We will include clear guidelines of your corporate / business identity material which will include style guidelines that can be used by you in years to come. They will include colour, font, spacing specifications to ensure your logo and identity will always be consistent.

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Customised web solutions

Each company is unique and so should its website. Infinite Media understands your uniqueness, your business, clients and how to develop a website that is spot on to meet every requirement. We will develop and design a website that can capture the essence of your business and ensure the website supports your company’s goals.
tailer-made just for you
customised web solutions

We pay attention Make business sense 

We pay close attention to your business, its processes and future plans in order to identify and develop the website to meet your customer and company needs.  Once we identify the purpose of the website we will create a  site that will work for you.

Long lasting appeal Skilled and specialised

Infinite Media has the skills in developing customised web based solutions to enhance the services provided by you. We can make the website look great, enhance your customer service, automate some of your processes, reduce your lead time, store information and more.

style guides Ongoing support

We don’t believe in just developing your website and walking away, we will constantly work with you to provide support and enhance the site as and when you require. We will provide online marketing services, link social media and provide you visitor data. We are with you all the way.