Business grants to promote business and growth

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Business grants to promote business and growth

Develop your business by utilising a business grant. You can use it to build your online presence, develop a website, marketing material, sell products online. 

Federal, State, Local Government and industry bodies provide grants to support small and medium businesses throughout Australia.  Business grants are a valuable resource to businesses especially due to the devastating impacts of bushfires and COVID-19. 

Within the guidelines of the grant, you could be eligible to develop a comprehensive website, enhance your brand and online sales. Small and medium business grants can support your business to have positive long term impacts. 

City of Melbourne small grants program says, “Helping passionate, innovative small businesses realize their dreams and reach new markets is the primary aim of our small business grants program.” The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) reimburse promotional expenses for exporters aiming to increase their international sales. To find out grants, funding and support programs from across government visit here. The site has a comprehensive list which is tailored to your business. Grants are offered at different times so it’s a good idea to keep checking frequently.

Are you looking at an Agency that can support you to gain maximum exposure and benefits from the funded grants? 

Are you are a small business grant recipient who would like to upgrade your website, develop an e-commerce site or enhance your branding and reach a wider audience through effective marketing? If so, do contact us and we’ll help you gain recognition both locally and overseas. 

We can develop material that will impact positively on your business. Enabling you to see results from the project and improve your branding. We provide a holistic approach and work across online and traditional media. Infinite Media, therefore, can strengthen many aspects of your business. We will ensure you gain maximum impact from your grant funds while showing outcomes from the project. We will provide data and visuals to support your acquittal of the grant while utilizing the funds to bring results to your business. 

Do get in touch with us to make a great project and we look forward to working with you!

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