Website Design Tips for a Business or Startup

Website Design Tips for business

Website Design Tips for a Business or Startup

Website Design for business, startup or not-for-profit is vital during these times. Online business presence is needed to succeed in online marketing. A website opens up to new customers or clients.  It supports businesses to sell online, be more efficient and use the website to reduce processes.

Is your website less than two years old? Are you getting enough inquiries through your website? Do you know how many people visit your website? Does your web design work? Is your site easy to navigate? Do you earn money through your website? Does your site look attractive and engaging? Is your website easily found on google? Does your website showcase your business? Is your website sharp and easy to navigate? Does your site look as good on a mobile, iPad, and computer? Is your web site reducing admin time and increasing your productivity?
If you answered no to any of the questions above then you should consider redesigning or developing a website.

Here are some things to consider when developing your website.

  • Great images
    First impressions matter, especially for a website. As soon as a visitor comes to your site, they should feel impressed and want to find out more about your product or service. High-quality images and design will help to do this. Use professional images, where possible or you can always purchase images online.
  • Navigation
    The website navigation is important. They should be able to move through the pages easily and get the required information with the least number of clicks.
  • Content
    The information you have on the site should be clear, precise, and informative. Especially now, people want information fast and if they want to know more information should be available for them to read more. The writing should be short and sharp. When writing the copy for the website, think of the potential client, and write what they would want to know.
  • Look and feel
    The look and feel are key to a website. If it looks messy, different fonts, too many animations, not aligned, and with heaps of information it will not look professional and the user experience will not be ideal. Minimalistic sites work well.  
  • Functionality
    You have to make the best use of having a website that compliments and supports your business or service. If you have products and services then you should be selling online. If you take orders or inquires on the phone, you should make it easier by having an online form where you can get all the details you require online that will come to you as an email. Have a gallery of images of your products so potential clients can view them in detail online. The options are endless, you should look to increase your productivity, reduce errors, and costs through utilising the website’s functionality.
  • Reaching a larger client base
    However good your website is if search engines like google don’t find you it will not increase your inquiries and potential clients won’t be able to find you on searches. To ensure google finds you online you need to have good keywords set up, keep the website updated with new content, cross-links to other websites, and more.
  • Updating your site
    Being able to update your website is an advantage. It is good for search engine optimization as well as keeping your website up to date. This will ensure the site stays fresh and new content is added to the site regularly. At Infinite Media, we provide maintenance so you can pass on your updates to us and we will maintain the website and updates.
  • Websites evolve
    Your website is a marketing tool that can be amended and changed at any time. It is flexible and can be upgraded and new features added as you go. You can start with basic features and it can be enhanced over time. You can manage the enhancements as you go which will help you to manage budgets and increase functionality going forward.
  • Focus on the user
    You have to design the site focusing on your audience. It has to focus on the needs of potential and current clients.
  • Branding
    The website and branding of the company need to complement each other. The consistency of your corporate identity needs to reflect in all media platforms. A client who sees your brochure and visits your website has to feel it is the same company with the same look and feel. Infinite Media works across all media platforms and develops consistent branding. Do get in touch with us and we will ensure you look good across all your marketing material.

Call us and we can help you get a website that stands out. A website can be your most impactful marketing asset, especially in these times. We can bring your new venture to life through an effective website and branding. A revamp of your current website is critical at this time. You need to communicate as efficiently as possible, move to generate income via the website and improving efficiency and speed.  Please get in touch with us.

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